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Terbest Alpacas

TerBest, the Ultimate Alpaca Experience

Visit the Farm: By Appointment Only - Call Us

While at the Norco show we made a date with Susan and Joe Attili to do a farm visit. We drove the hour and half to their farm and were introduced to a whole new world.  A world of wonder and possibilities and we could feel the calm wash over us.
We watched as the alpacas roamed the property and come right up to us.  They were so inquisitive and love being in your face smelling and being nose to nose. We found that they really didn’t care to be held or touched as much as they loved sniffing our faces and hair.  We also found they loved to nibble our clothes and ponytail. They are such tactile animals. After a great interactive day we both looked at each other and knew without words this was the lifestyle we wanted.
We must have stayed for a couple of hours and I vaguely remember my husband David having to drag me home.  Susan and Joe invited us to participate in shearing day 5/18/2013.

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