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For the next year, we looked at property and explored all the farms that we could locally.  Each farm had something different to offer, some good some not so good.  What a shock, you could tell that some farms were passionate about their animals but there were many that it was only a business, and you could tell.
We continued to search and knew California was probably not where we wanted to be unless it was the northern section of the state. We both love green, forest, trees and space.
As we explored the various local farms we began to realize that alpacas came wide assortment of colors, it was then that I knew then I wanted to focus on more colors in my herd. Hard to choose which ones when there are 22 registered colors for alpacas, so the search was on.  The package that we purchased from La Dolce Vita was Wendy a registered true black, Isabella light brown, Theresa white and La Befana which is white.
As we researched farms on the internet I found a female alpaca that I really liked and new I wanted to see and possibly add to my small but growing herd. Her name was Midnight Serenade located in Cottonwood California. I made that call and found a fast friend on the other end of the phone. Steve and Lin Murray at Lassen View Alpacas invited David and me to visit.
When we arrived Lassen View Alpacas Farm a few weeks later. You know when you have that ah ha moment?  This farm was the vision that I had seen in my head.  It felt like home, I knew I wanted my farm to feel the same way.  The farm was green, lots of pasture and animals frolicking in the fields.  I could picture myself here.
I wanted to know more, I had so many questions and Lin had so many answers and ideas. Ultimately we purchased 8 animals and several breeding’s.
We now had our vision of what our farm should look like, we moved forward with the property search and our herd was growing.

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