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We had several more visits to La Dolce Vita Alpacas and David would search out the alpaca that was born on shearing day.  As we toured the farm Theresa was always close behind and was sure David was there to visit her.  I think it was at that point I knew there was a new girl in David’s life.  Theresa the white baby alpaca.  He was hooked, no I think we both were.
Shortly after that, I had a heart event in Old Town Temecula.  I working 60 – 70 hours a week sometimes working 21 days straight.  I remember David walking into the hospital room concerned and saying “if we are going to go old together, it’s time to stop this insanity”. He said my great aunt Dorothy had left me some inheritance and I should retire and live the dream I had always wanted. I knew I married a wonderful man but this was amazing!!
This decision came with a lot of prayers and faith that the changes we were about to make was the path that God had planned for us.
I knew God was always present and I was and am a faithful follower but for the next 2 years we would be tested and He would bless our lives beyond what we could imagine.  We had a 6 month plan for me to train someone new at the hospital and get our life in order to prepare for this life changing event.  We made an appointment with La Dolce Vita Alpacas to talk about buying an alpaca. Who knew you can’t own just one, they are herd animals.   8 months later I was finally retired and we owned our first 4 alpacas, and yes, Theresa was in that package.
We boarded our new herd at La Dolce Vita as we tried to decide what our new farm would look like and where we would build this dream.
Hang on it’s been quite a ride and the adventure has only begun!

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