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Terbest Alpacas

TerBest, the Ultimate Alpaca Experience

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Researching alpacas since early 1999, I knew someday I would love to have a farm and raise these beautiful animals.  However, at that time I was completing a dual Master’s Degree and was “living the American Dream”; I was working 50-60 hours a week and doing everything possible to keep up with the pace.
14 years later in 2013, my husband David came home from the local feed store with a flyer about an Alpaca show at the Norco California fair grounds. Knowing I still loved the animals and had never been up close and personal to an alpaca he suggested we go and check them out.
What a beautiful sight and sound. I knew from the research I had done that they hummed but what a wonderful sound.  What an experience, it was love at first sight!!! We walked around and talked with folks but many asked that we did not touch because they were getting to go into the arena to show.
We chose Huacaya alpacas as they looked like big fluffy teddy bears instead of Suri with the long beautiful locks. There is a difference in texture and appearance, so it was a personal choice.
I remember that we stopped at La Dolce Vita Alpacas booth and the owners Susan and Joe Attili asked if we wanted to touch them. My husband and I looked at each other and quickly said yes before they could change their minds. I was done for and so was my husband.
We talked for days and weeks about that experience!  We knew this was the life we eventually wanted to live.

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