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We owned a home in Boise, Idaho and the renters had moved so we schedule a two week vacation to work on the property. It was also a good time to look in the surrounding area for potential farm location.  The property was rented by the time we arrived in Boise so we decided to explore the state going north.   8 hours away in the small panhandle of Idaho, just 1 hour from the Canadian border we found paradise.
We saw an advertisement for Sandpoint, Idaho and decided, what the heck lets go.  Great little city, but what we found was a small community called Priest River.  Mountains, hills, rivers, lakes, pastures and best of all some of the nicest people we ever met.
We found a 20 acre undeveloped parcel, stood in the middle and prayed asking for guidance that this was the place.  We knew that this was going to be home for our herd.  By the time we left we knew almost everything there was about the area, and made an offer on the property.
The next visit several months later, as we walked the property we met our neighbors that back onto our property.  Only God could have chosen neighbors that would become our best friends and adopted family.  We have been so blessed, Paula and Dave are amazing and always seem to be there to celebrate the wins and dry our tears with the losses.
We were home from that moment on and have never looked back!!!!

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