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On April 15th 2014, I gathered up my daughter Tiffiny, granddaughter Pia and grandson Bradley and made a visit to La Dolce Vita alpacas to see the herd.  During that visit with the family we noticed that Wendy’s water had broken, our first baby alpaca (cria).  We were going to be there to witness the first birth in our herd.
Alpaca’s typically deliver before lunch time with no complications. Yeah, okay, this is me we are talking about.  We waited and waited and nothing was happening. The vet needed to be called. Wendy stopped contractions and was not progressing with her labor. My 11 year old grandson Bradley was so interested in the process but we had to keep asking him to step back. When the vet got there she was not sure why the contractions stopped. My heart was beating out of my chest, I was so scared. The vet starting checking Wendy and decided that we needed to assist in the delivery.
It seemed to take hours and lots of prayers, the vet wasn’t sure it would be a viable birth as it had taken so long. I was hoping my prayers were on the 911 path to God.
Finally, after the vet had worked and worked for what seemed to be for hours Catalyst aka Tax Man was born.  A beautiful dark fawn colored boy.
At this point we were exhausted and weepy. This had been such an emotional toll on all of us. As we started the clean-up process from the birth, we hear my grandson Bradley say with a straight face and matter of fact tone “and this is why I’m glad I’m a boy”.

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