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Terbest Alpacas

TerBest, the Ultimate Alpaca Experience

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As I sit drinking my morning coffee and the sun is coming up, I see the farm beginning to wake I am overwhelmed with the feeling of peace. You hear the rooster welcoming the day, the birds are singing the day has begun. From the kitchen table I can see crias a running a marathon in their pen and must laugh, what joy they bring.  I think in the last few years in the busyness of building and creating I forgot to sit back and take in the peacefulness and beauty of our farm life. This is my journey of taking the a few moments to take a deep breath and enjoy what we have created and the journey ahead.

The barn having now been insulated, electric installed, I see that dream coming true.  The fiber barn be a place where not only my team but friend as well create our dream with joy and laughter.   As we continue to build the farm, please follow my journey with not only the alpacas but with fiber and life well built.

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